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ADA Compliance, SEO Trends and Practices, design standards, content strategy, and social media demographics - and that is just to name a few. Let us analyze your digital presence, and let you focus on being the best business you can be.

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Digital auditing is like a checkup for a business's online presence. Just like when you go to the doctor, LC3 Creative looks at your business's website, social media, and other online channels to see if there are any problems or areas that could be improved. By doing this, the business can fix any issues and make their online presence better, which can help them get more customers and be more successful online. Now we want to work with you.

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Why should I conduct a digital audit?

Small businesses should conduct digital audits to identify and fix issues, improve user experience, boost online visibility, and stay competitive. A digital audit can help small businesses optimize their online channels, such as their website, social media, and SEO, to attract more customers and improve their online presence. By monitoring their competitors' online activities and adopting best practices, small businesses can gain a competitive advantage and stay ahead in the digital landscape.

At LC3 Creative, we conduct a comprehensive audit of your digital marketing efforts to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses. We do this using a variety of tools and strategies, presented in a clear and concise way you can then act on. We don't look good, unless you look good.

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