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You've built a unique following among family, friends, and loyal customers. But now what? We take your brand to the next level with targeted marketing efforts that make your services and abilities stand out among the rest. Social media is one of the best (and free) marketing tools available in today's world.

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Your customers love your brand, but now what? How do you maintain that relationship while balancing the other aspects of running a business? We help you create and schedule social media posts that inspire and inform your customers.
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Why should I worry about social media as a small business?

Social media has become an integral part of small business marketing in recent years. With over 3.6 billion people using social media worldwide, it provides an unparalleled opportunity for businesses to reach a large and engaged audience. It also helps to legitimize your business to people who may be in the discovery phase of their conversation with you. From reviews, to engagement with current customers, and professional branding - it all helps to provide social proof in your business and its mission.

At LC3 Creative, we believe that Social Media is a vital part of your small business marketing strategy and we want to help you see a return on the investment. By using social media effectively, businesses can build trust with their customers and improve their reputation, which can help validate their legitimacy and increase sales.

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Social Media Case Study: ELHSAA

ELHSAA and LC3 Creative social media post for the day of the 2022 All Class Reunion ELHSAA and LC3 Creative social media post for the 9 day countdown of the 2022 All Class Reunion

Wear Your Blue in '22

Our friends at the East Liverpool High School Alumni Association approached us in mid-2021 and asked in addition to managing their website, that we would help with social media leading up to their All Class Reunion in July 2022.

With each post - our goal was to create something informative, enticing to the eye, and encouraged the conversation further. When it comes to large scale events like All Class Reunions, the pressure is really on to get as many people signed up for each event as easily and quickly as possible.

At LC3 Creative, we believe good social media posts follow three basic rules:

  • Simplicity - Try to avoid jamming as much as you can into one graphic. There needs to be a balance of content and white space so people don't feel immediately overwhelmed.
  • Hierarchy - When we look at something, our brains work in an ordered fashion, noticing the biggest and brightest object first. When we design, we try to balance images, text, and colors with principles like The Rule of Thirds and The Golden Ratio to keep a natural flow of information.
  • Contrast - Keeping your text readable, and designing with colors that don't blend and hide information is vital. But it's also important to keep in mind for accessibility reasons as well.

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