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You deserve an online presence as unique as your business. We are a no one-size-fits-all agency and will tailor your website to your exact needs. The digital representation of your brand should be about the top-level experience and service that you provide for your customers.

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If the recent pandemic taught us anything, it's that EVERY brand needs an online presence to stay connected to their customers. We help you bridge that gap by building a website that is as unique as your business, and one that helps you sell items, gather donations or registrations, or simply inform.
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Why should I worry about web design as a small business?

Web design is important for a small business's marketing strategy because it is often the first point of contact that potential customers have with the business. A well-designed website can create a positive first impression and establish credibility, trust, and authority for the business. A website that is optimized for search engines and easy to navigate can help to improve search engine rankings and drive more traffic to the site. This can lead to more leads, sales, and ultimately, revenue for the business.

At LC3 Creative, we believe every business needs a visually consistent website, that reflects the business's values, mission, and brand personality. A well designed website serves as an online brochure - it can be used to sell products and services, it can be used to generate leads, and it can be used to build relationships with customers.

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Web Design Case Study: CrossRoads

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Family Owned Assisted Living

In the spring of 2022, we started a relationship working with the folks at CrossRoads Assisted Living in East Liverpool, Ohio. A company that has been around for over 15 years, CrossRoads is family owned and operated, dedicated to providing top notch care and services to their residents. They operate two sides of the business, assisted living and memory care - providing dining, therapy, residential and community services to each.

Web design is a complex subject. There are always a few things we aim to do when building the website for our clients, but it is important to note that every single client and their website is unique. How we approach a strictly informational client is not how we would approach an eCommerce client. In addition to this, how we approach each industry different too because what might work for a roofing customer doesn't work for a clothing boutique.

  • Establish the brand for your client (font choice, color palette, multiple versions of the logo)
  • Generate personas for the customers who will visit and use your website (intention, goals, and expectations)
  • Assemble content (images, text, products info if eCommerce, policies and statements)
  • Create a sitemap to determine flow of the site (we try to keep everything on your site within 3 clicks)
  • Buy a domain that is representative of your brand AND easy to remember for potential customers
  • Connect any external resources that provide legitimacy to your brand (social media links, organizations like BBB, etc.)
  • Build using Search Engine Optimization, Accessibility and Privacy techniques

With CrossRoads, there are three primary personas we have when we think of potential users of their website. Family members of residents, people who are unsure of the next step, and want to see what an assisted living facility has to offer - they want to see pictures of happy residents and explore what makes CrossRoads different. Residents who know they are in need of opportunity and encouragement, who don't want to lose their independence but need an extra pair of hands sometimes. And young aspiring medical practitioners looking for top-notch facilities to build experience and grow, need a way to apply for careers.

With these three personas in mind, we designed a website that represents the 15+ years of experience that CrossRoads has giving every resident a great place to call "Home."

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